Rock Dudes proudly presents #21, and the guest is the the charismatical front man of the Swedish punkrock band Backyard Babies, Nicke Borg. Expect alot of Sex Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll .We got some great stories from the whole bands career.


Nicke Borg is the guitar player and vocalist from the punk rock band Backyard Babies. Growned up in the small Swedish town called Nässjö, together with all the other guys in Backyard Babies, they spent a lot of time in their rehearsal room and one day just decided to quit their day jobs, leave the girlfriends, take their gear and move to Stockholm and fulfill the great rock 'N' roll dream.

He shares stories how hard you have to work to fulfill your rock 'N' roll dreams, a lot of anecdotes during tours, how they recorded an album at a castle in nowhere Scotland. He also reveals how everything felt when rejoining the band for a couple of years ago. Besides band duties nowadays Nicke is also the host of an his own show at the Swedish radio station Rockklassiker

The interview is filled with laughs and  Sex Drugs And Rock 'N' Roll.

You will get all this and much more in Rock Dudes #21.


In the end of every episode, you will get a MUSIC TOP LIST, where you will get five songs from the guest and each of the two hosts. It will all be published on our Spotify Profile



Elvis Presley–
Jail House Rock
Duran Duran– Is there something I should know
Guns n Roses – Paradise City
Social Distortion – Bad Luck
Shooter Jennings – 4th of July. 

Blue Öyster Cult –  (Don't Fear) The Reaper (Agents Of Fortune)
Journey –
Don't Stop Believin' 
Aerosmith – I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Motörhead – Killed By Death
Guns N' Roses – Sweet Child O' Mine ( Appetite For Destruction) 

Europe –
Rock The Night (Final Countdown, 1986)
In Flames –
Cloud Connected (Reroute to remain, 2002)
Sator –
We’re right, you’re wrong (Headquake, 1992)
Clawfinger –
The Truth (Deaf dumb blind, 1993)
Mustasch –
Double Nature (Latest Version of the Truth, 2007)


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