Rock Dudes #27 is presented by CUTSS. The guest this time is ELIZE RYD from the Swedish-Danish metalband AMARANTHE.


Rock Dudes # 27 will be attended by Elise Ryd, who normally works as a singer in the metal band Amaranthe.

Elise says she started singing before she could talk, so you can really say that you were born as a singer. 

Meanwhile she took the course in Performing Arts School in Gothenburg, she also wrote songs with her friends (Olof and Jake) and the three of them created a band called Avalanche, that was later renamed to Amaranthe.

She possesses an awesome musical talent and has played with several other bands such as Kamelot and Smash Into Pieces.

In addition to his musical interests, she is very interested in both jewelry and art. Despite her stardom, she is very nice, easy going and down to earth person. You will be able to listen to the many anecdotes, simply a really fun episode.

This and much, much more in Rock Dudes # 27 released on Friday, May 20

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Iron Maiden – Aces High (Powerslave)
Basic Element –
The Ride
Abandon – Pitch black hole (The Dead End)
Cher –
Bang bang
Freddie Murcery / Queen – Innuendo


The Gathering – The Big Sleep Superheat (live)
Kamelot –
Liar liar (Wasteland Monarchy)
After Forever –
Monolith Of Doubt (Decipher (The Album – The Sessions)
Kari Rueslåtten – Why So Lonely ( Time To Tell )
Lacuna Coil –
Senzafine ( Unleashed Memories )


Evergrey – King of errors (Hymns for the broken)
Kamelot – Insomnia (Haven)
Nightwish – Weak Fantasy (Endless Forms Most Beautiful)
Lacuna Coil – Delirium (Single)
Amaranthe – Massive Addictive (Massive Addictive)



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