Rock Dudes #30 is presented by ROCKTOBERFEST. The guest this time is CHRIS ADAM HEDMAN SÖRBYE from the Swedish hardrock band SMASH INTO PIECES.


Rock Dudes #30 will be attended by Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye, who is the frontman and the singer in the Swedish hard rock band Smash Into Pieces.

During Chris childhood years he was the bad boy and didn’t want to become a singer at all. But during his teens he was in the school rock band and through that he met Benjamin, who nowadays is the guitar player in Smash Into Pieces.

The band got discovered through the early MySpace days, the only musical social platform back in the days before Facebook came along. The first record deal didn’t turn out that good, Chris will talk a lot about that, a very interesting story.

He will also tell you how crazy it was to perform as support on the same stage as one of his biggest idols. Beside Smash Into Pieces Chris is working with his father’s company, who operates a couple of festivals in his home town.

Of course there will be crazy tales from the touring life. Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll!

This and much, much more in Rock Dudes # 30 released on Friday, September 30 2016


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Bring Me Horizon – Happy song
Alter Bridge – Show Me A Leader
Limp Bizkit – Hot Dog
Breaking Benjamin – Ashes of Eden
Smash Into Pieces – Merry Go Round

Sonic Syndicate – Start A War
Kamchatka– No One That Can Tell
Hammerfall – The Sacred Vow
The Agonist – The Moment
Meshuggah – Born In Dissonance

Metallica – Hardwired
Alice Cooper – Elected
Biffy Clyro – Medicine
Sabaton – Blood of Bannockburn



Friday, October 28, 2016, it is once again time for Rocktoberfest at the Globe Annex in Stockholm. Live on stage we see no less than Danko Jones, Lillasyster and Grand Theft Culture.
Stureplansgruppen Arena Catering and Stockholm Globe Arena presents for the third year in a row proud our own version of the classic German Oktoberfest. Together with master brewer John Spendrup from Gotland Bryggeri, we have developed a specialbryggd beer – "Rocktober," which will be sold exclusively on-site at the Globe Annex during this evening. Besides a wide beer Connoisseur from Gotland Brewery, we can also tempt you with tastier food to wash down to the beat of the music!
Obviously Richie Puzz & Bollnäs-Martin from the radio station Bandit Rock's morning show Rivstart traditionly according to which the evening Facilitators.

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