Rock Dudes #35 is presented by PLEJMO. This episode will be attended by the almighty frontman Miland "Mille" Petrozza from the german thrash metal band KREATOR.


Rock Dudes #35 will be attended by the almighty frontman Miland "Mille" Petrozza from the German Thrash metal band KREATOR.
There will be talks about the German Thrash scene, how the band came about, what they were up to during the down period of Thrash metal in the 90's.
How important the fans are. And how fascinated it is that Kreators  music appeals to the new generation.

This and much, much more on Rock Dudes 35 released today, Friday the 9th of December.

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Mercyful Fate – Evil
Dagobert – Wir leben aneinander vorbei
Iron Maiden – Running Free
Metallica – Motorbreath
Tribulation – Strange Gateways Beckon


Dead By April – Breaking Point
Testament – Brotherhood Of The Snake
Vader – Angels Of Steel
Deranged – Struck By A Murderous Siege
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Limerent Death


Testament – The Pale King (Brotherhood of the Snake)
Anthrax –
Among the living (Among the living)
Megadeth –
Mechanix (Killing is my business… and business is good)
Slayer –
Postmortem (Reign Blood)
Metallica –
Fight Fire With Fire (Ride The Lightning)




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