Rock Dudes #35 is presented by PLANTRONICS and their newest headphone BACK BEAT PRO 2. This episode will be attended by the almighty guitarist Scott Gorham and his co-guitarist Damon Johnson from the band Black Star Riders.


Welcome to Rock Dudes #36, and a new international episode, the guests this time are Scott Gorham and Damon Johnson from Black Star Riders.
BLACK STAR RIDERS was created five years ago. The members were, more or less the same as in the touring version of Thin Lizzy.

Scott and Damon will tell you how and why they started a new band instead of continueing with Thin Lizzy. Scott Gorhamn is one of the most contributing musicians in Thin Lizzy beside Phil Lynott. He has now become a real Rock legend.
The interview was amusing and Scott was happy to tell a lot of stories from the early Thin Lizzy days.

Damon is one of the latest to join Thin Lizzy and that was a really cool journey for him because this was his biggest idols and inspirations during his life and career.
In January 2017, Black Star Riders will release a new album Heavy Fire, we talked about that and more.

This and much, much more on Rock Dudes 36 released today, Friday the 23rd of December.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan – Texas Flood
The Beatles – She loves you
AC/DC – Highway to hell
Jimi Hendrix – All long the watchtower
The Allman Brothers Band – Whipping Post


Wardruna – Tyr
A Tribe Called Quest – The Space Program
Justice – Fire
The Naked And Famous – Higher
Ida Redig – Förlåt för alla sånger som jag sjungit om dig


Halestorm – Still Of The Night
Trivium – Lake of fire
Nomy – Get a name
Santa Cruz – Drag Me Down
Guns n’ roses – sweet child of mind




—Rock Dudes #36 is presented by PLANTRONICS.

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