Rock Dudes #41 is presented by PLANTRONICS and their newest headphone BACK BEAT PRO 2. This episode will be attended by Danko Jones and JC.

Welcome to Rock Dudes #41, and a new international episode, the guests this time are Danko and JC from Danko Jones.

Danko Jones have been a rock band for over 20 years now. They started in the mid 90’s in Toronto. For the first couple of years they just toured and toured around North America and didn’t want to sign a record deal and give out records. Danko and JC will tell you the full story about it all in this episode.

Danko Jones is a trio, but it is only Danko and JC that is the original two, and they have changed the drummer position several times through the years. They are known for their high fuel driven rock riffs and are always gives high energy on stage. Danko and JC seems to be really dedicated and have released seven albums and several other compilations.

Today, the 3rd of March they, will release their new album Wild Cat, and we off course talked about that as well, and we will play a bit of some of the track in the end of the episode.

This and much, much more on Rock Dudes 41 released today, Friday the 3rd of February.

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Danko Jones – Wildcat (Wildcat)
Kristofer Åström – Olivia (The Story of a heart’s decay
Iron Magazine – Queen Of Hell
Danko Jones – My Little RnR




—Rock Dudes #41 is presented by PLANTRONICS.

—PLANTRONICS started in a garage in Santa Cruz, California / USA started to develop communication systems for aircraft of the two pilots. For 30 years, they have developed several different headphones and Rock Dudes is proud that Plantronics will sponsor us with their latest model BackBeat PRO 2.

—BackBeat PRO 2 is based on their award-winning BackBeat PRO and the new design is mainly based on the feedback we received from our users. That means BackBeat PRO 2 is 35% smaller in size and weighs 15% less than its previous model. Just like the previous model, the wireless listening time is 24 hours and 6 months standby and works well as hands-free as it has two built-in microphones. The Active Noise-Cancelling (ANC) that filters out ambient noise while working or traveling. Incredibly nice when you want to disappear into their music. It also has built-in smart sensors that detect when you take off and judgment and pause and resume music for you automatically. Another great feature is the "Open Mic" position as the touch of a button turn the ANC set and instead boosts the sound from the environment around you. Good when you want to talk to someone quickly but do not take off your headphones.

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