Welcome to Rock Dudes #60, and a new international episode. The guest this time is the egyptian metal star RAMY ESSAM.

—Rock Dudes #60 is presented by the LIVE NATION SWEDEN, scandinavia’s largest event company, and their concert EUROPE – WALK THE EARTH TOUR at Annexet in Stockholm the 6th of December.

—Welcome to Rock Dudes #60, and a new international episode. It’s time for a celabration. We celebrate with an episode featuring the egyptian metal star Ramy Essam.

—Ramy Essam is a true hero in many many ways. He held several concerts in KAIRO during the revolution 2011. His concerts gathers 100 of thousands of people, and it united the people to destroy the regime.

—His participation was not only for good, he got arrested and tortured several times. But because of the music, he survided, and at last he escaped to Sweden and became the first “refugee musician”.

—This episode will give you the unfiltered version of Ramys story about his life, and off course we talked about his biggest passion in life, the metal music.

This and much, much more on Rock Dudes #60, which is released today, Friday the 1st of December.

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